We help businesses and organisations find and define their voice and project it with clarity through crowded markets.

Our success has been founded on being agile enough to flex to clients’ needs, be they the services of our founder Martha as a standalone consultant, or the full capabilities of a complete delivery team for media relations, digital PR, copywriting, design, video, event and stakeholder management.

A strategic thinker, who thrives on the hands-on delivery and leadership of every project commissioned, Martha set up MRComms after a 20-year career in journalism, marketing, in-house communications and agency PR.

From concept to completion, Martha’s award-winning pedigree is evident in every project our clients sign off.

She has learned first hand, the challenge of working in-house and having to juggle the thinking and doing time for campaigns and launches alongside the demands of the day job. Likewise, her time in agency PR has given her valuable insight into the skills and experience needed for strategic development and tactical delivery.

MRComms has been created to support both without compromise.

Photo credit: Karen Hatch Photography
Photo credit: Karen Hatch Photography

“From conception to delivery, the team were fantastic – creative, organised and driven."

Claire Fellows, Marketing Manager at The Greater Brighton Metropolitan College