The Ideas Fund – – is a grants programme delivered by the British Science Association (BSA) and Wellcome Trust that enables the UK public to think about, develop and test ideas to help improve mental wellbeing in the area where they live.

Ahead of the Fund’s launch, Martha provided consultancy support for the BSA’s  communications team as part of a multi-agency project team.

She developed a press launch strategy and worked with YouGov to gather insight into levels of mental wellbeing across the UK, as well as public opinion on what influences it and the interventions needed to improve it.

The research was shared with media in the four regions where the Ideas Fund launched in January 2021 – Northern Ireland,  Scotland, Hull and Oldham – and Martha worked with the BSA’s communications team to secure coverage.

What was delivered:

  • Media launch strategy
  • National and regional press packs
  • Spokesperson briefing to support media interviews
  • UK-wide public opinion research via YouGov
  • Design brief for infographics to support the launch on social media
  • 60 pieces of media coverage on the day of the Fund’s launch with an advertising value equivalent of £25k
  • Post-launch blog copy for The Ideas Fund website

"We've had some brilliant coverage. Feels like a massive milestone to get to this point, so thank you. Looking forward to seeing where this all takes us!"

Chris Manion, Head of Grants, British Science Association