Challenging the view that a ‘bricks and mortar’ university is the only option for degree-level study, our ‘Have you MET your future?’ marketing campaign for The MET College in Sussex extended to its University Centre in the Autumn of 2018.

The MET came to us in the summer ahead of its annual Higher Education marketing drive with the following insights:

  • 1 in 5 of the local population were unaware that The MET offered university-level Higher Education courses
  • A high number of HE open day visitors discovered The MET by searching online
  • Expensive advertising and recruitment fairs were less effective for student conversion than face-to-face contact at open days and feeder colleges

With a modest budget to play with, we created marketing assets that would support in-person and online outreach by The MET’s recruitment team.

‘Why the MET University Centre vs other HE courses or universities?’ is a question that needed to be more prominently answered up front on The MET’s website, through social media channels and within marketing material given out at feeder colleges and during HE open days.

What we did

We worked with The MET’s graphic designer, Button Pressed Productions and students at The MET to create videos and printed marketing material to showcase University Centre USPs.

Existing video content and still photography from The MET’s image library, narration from Performing Arts students and background music created by Music students helped to keep production costs down and make the resulting five videos feel authentic.

Click here to read The MET University Centre brochure produced via our copywriting service.

1 in 5 local people were unaware that The MET offered degree-level courses

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